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"Leave Your Bags In Good Hands At Stan's"

We are located at 840 River Ave Bronx, NY 10451. 

Specifically, next door to Stan's Sports Bar. 

Look for our "Stan The Man's Baseball Land" sign. 

Bag Check is available in-store only!

Yankee Stadium has certain restrictions on what can be brought inside.

Here at Stan's we provide a service that allows you to be worry free during the game.

We have been providing this service since 2001. Although we are NOT a lock and key system, we have an outstanding reputation as far as customer service and trust. Your belongings will be stored away safely and securely while you enjoy the game. 

You can drop off your item as early as you'd like.

We open at 4PM for a 7:05 game,

10AM for a 1:05 game,

12PM for a 4:05 game, and

4PM for an 8:05 game.

Our hours do vary depending on game time.      

We typically close 30-45 minutes after the game ends, no later than 5pm on 1:05pm game days, 8:00 on 4:05 game days, 11pm on 7:05 game days, and midnight on 8pm game days.


We open 4 to 5 hours before the start of the game. 

We do not have a time limit on post season games. We remain open until 30-45 minutes after the game ends, no matter what. 

**To avoid lines, you may now reserve your space in advance. 

Scroll to the bottom to purchase. 

Pricing for bag check:

Small items such as water bottles, knives, electronic cigarettes etc. $5

Laptops (alone or in laptop bag) -$10


Medium sized bags/ back packs-$15

Oversized back packs/ duffel bags -$20

Carry on suit case- $25

Oversized luggage -$30

Our quick and simple process is as follows:

*You bring your items to us

*You provide us with your contact information (this must be a local phone number, or email address in which you can be reached during the game)

* You provide us with a fee of $10-$30 (Depending on bag size) Cash is preferred, credit cards are accepted.

*Your bag will be tagged and numbered.

* You will receive a claim check to claim your bag by the end of the night.

* You will receive thorough instructions on what time to pick up your items upon arrival.

We do not stay open later for extra innings or rain delays.

There is no need to panic if you feel that you will not make it back in time. We do not close our gates without contacting you first.

If you're not going to make it back in time, you can always pick it up during the next home game.  

Please understand that we DO NOT work with Yankee Stadium, so we are not 100% sure of what is allowed inside since the rules do frequently change.

Below is a list of our most popular checked items from the 2018 season:

*Luggage (for anyone who may be traveling)


*Metal water bottles

*Insulated coolers


*Tri pods

*Video Cameras

*Camera lenses

*Back packs

*Selfie sticks

*Go Pro

*Perfume bottles

*Electronic cigarettes 

****Please Note:

This is for New York Yankees home games only.

For information regarding our hours during soccer games, or other stadium related events, please email us.

Stan's does have the right to refuse or inspect your item.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Contacting via e-mail is best.

Phone: 718-665-9360

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